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233 such alerts found using input module SnortFileInput, with sources:
Earliest: 03:57:21.406655 on 03/31/2018
Latest: 01:51:58.828053 on 03/17/2019

19 different signatures are present for as a destination

There are 149 distinct source IPs in the alerts of the type on this page. Whois lookup at: ARIN RIPE APNIC Geektools
DNS lookup at: Amenesi TRIUMF Princeton
More lookup links: Dshield Sam Spade
See also as an alert source [4 alerts]

This listing contains 233 alerts. You can:
Alert ranges (sorted by time):
alert #'sfirst timelast time
1 to 10003:57:21.406655 on 03/31/201813:32:20.471126 on 06/08/2018
101 to 20016:23:44.821270 on 06/09/201816:06:05.433442 on 12/09/2018
201 to 23314:24:26.095787 on 12/10/201801:51:58.828053 on 03/17/2019

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See also the Snort Page by Marty Roesch
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